Wednesday, March 18, 2009

blah fest

my art show opens in a month and i hate everything i've ever painted. (well, recently ).Barb and i dragged a bunch of paintings up to the roof to take photos. sometimes....occassionally...(well, once ) the natural light revealed subtelties even i was surprised by. today's photo op left me feeling exactly the way i had felt about this particular group of paintings....kinda embrassed by them....kinda horrified that these are the pieces i've chosen to represent me in my first (and very possibly, only solo show. )

i have painted my past

out of every picture /now

there is nothing to show

of what belongs to me.

the steamy brew;the thick white tendrils of smoke in the afternoon sun...none of this helps the work. even prayer hasn't seemed to help. maybe i should call this series "how i became agnostic."

i 'm as bland and blah as these paintings.boooooooo

Thursday, March 12, 2009

music box

Tonight a "program error" ( whatever that is ) prevented me from saving the latest version of my Music Box print. There are some blatant mistakes in this piece, which now turns out to be the only print ever to be.There are almost 50 of my favorite singers/songwriters/musicians. (how many can YOU find?) These include, in no particular order:1.bob dylan 2.nat king cole 3. johnny cash 4. ula may carlisle 5. jim morrison 6. richie havens 7.rick danko 8.levon helm 9.bobby daren 10. the beatles 11. led zeplin joe 13. wilson pickett 14. billie holiday 15.tommy dorsey16.fats waller17. b.b.king 18.john coltrane 19. judy collins 20. joni mitchel 21.bob lind 22.robbie robertson 23.arthur lee 24.freddy mercury 25.king crimson 26.van morrison 27.harry chapin 28.richard manual 29.sade 30.peter and gordon 31.peter,paul and mary 32.dan hill 33.johnny echols 34.bob marley 35.loudin wainwright 36.gordon lightfoot 37.mott the hoople 38.steven stills 39.crosby,stills, nash and young 40.janis 41.paul simon 42.tom waits 43.kris kristofferson 44. tom waits. there may be more. there should be more.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I took these pictures today on a trip to Staten Island. The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge can be seen in the background. I watched the bridge being built from the window of my 7th grade classroom. Even after viewing the years of construction, it always looked to me that someone had just painted a bridge along the horrizon.