Wednesday, March 18, 2009

blah fest

my art show opens in a month and i hate everything i've ever painted. (well, recently ).Barb and i dragged a bunch of paintings up to the roof to take photos. sometimes....occassionally...(well, once ) the natural light revealed subtelties even i was surprised by. today's photo op left me feeling exactly the way i had felt about this particular group of paintings....kinda embrassed by them....kinda horrified that these are the pieces i've chosen to represent me in my first (and very possibly, only solo show. )

i have painted my past

out of every picture /now

there is nothing to show

of what belongs to me.

the steamy brew;the thick white tendrils of smoke in the afternoon sun...none of this helps the work. even prayer hasn't seemed to help. maybe i should call this series "how i became agnostic."

i 'm as bland and blah as these paintings.boooooooo

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  1. Your art is wonderful! I have tried to get you to agree for the last 5 years, but you're still not convinced! Why not try to relax & enjoy! ... Beautiful pieces! ... Frank