Friday, September 18, 2009

i'm not sure exactly why i ever thought having a blog was a good idea. i'm a long time bore and i don't even like "writing"! i think i intended this blog to be a visual record of work i was doing; a presentation of paintings in stages which no longer exist. these are the paintings i create already knowing i'll invariably paint over even the best of them. the will and passion to paint outweighs the $$ for art materials. hasn't it always been this way? but i digress.....when i first began this blog, my cool, young friends admonished me for being neurotic in a public forum. wise counsel,but i'm reminded of Robert Frost's poem " how hard it is to keep from being king when its in you and in the situation", where an old king is sold into slavery but soon finds himself back on the throne. my point...and i do have that neurotic is bound to show up in my writing.i've decided to stop worrying about this and just use this blog as a therapeutic journal. my apologies to the three people who actually read this stuff.

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  1. Here! Here! Looking forward to many more words from you!