Monday, August 1, 2011

coney island

i went to coney island the other day and it had me thinking how it seems every generation has its own take on the area. once a swanky resort area, coney island had faded considerably by the time i got to know it. i remember my folks discussing when coney boasted the famous amusement parks...dreamland, luna park and steeplechase. all of them were destroyed by fire, i believe, but a version of steeplechase still existed when i was a kid...and seemed as magical to me as the stories i heard of coney island's history. the conversations always ended with someone sighing wistfully...."it's not what it was when i was a kid"...
some of the new rides made me dizzy just watching. of course some of the old standards looked as intimidating as ever. most of the games and food were still the same.
coney island is still a fun place to spend the day....but, its not what it was when I was a kid....


  1. I found you through Barbara's blog. I love looking at photos. It's so cool to think, so this is what it looks like at someone else's home or on the opposite coast. Someone else's sky. Bud is adorable :)