Sunday, March 25, 2012

parting ways with callwave

i've had the "callwave lady" answering my phone since 2003. i kept the service even when i got broadband and didn't need it anymore. i love my callwave.   so it is with some reluctance that i've severed the connection, so to speak.
callwave just stopped working. one day all was well. the next day the callwave lady lost her voice.  the person you are calling would like to speak to you. to be heard never more.
i tried to make it work...oh how i tried. troubleshooting, tech support; following the same instructions to the letter, even tho they didn't work the first three times i tried them.  finally, i'd had enough and those words slipped from my fingertips. please discontinue my service.

coincidently, my phone stopped working immediately after this.
now i need a new phone and an answering machine to replace callwave.
as if.

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  1. I miss callwave too. Anyone found another on line call answering service? If so please let me know