Friday, December 11, 2015

goodbye rockabelly

i hardly have words for the rain that falls in my heart tonight..
rocky had to be put down. he was only 4 and a half years old.. He had been a very sick kitten who was not expected to live beyond a few months.. He rallied and grew to be strong and beautiful.  i was fortunate to witness that.miracle.

sadly, today his history betrayed him and he had to be put down..  this is a huge loss ,Coming so soon after kohl's passing....barely 3 weeks,

the house is so quiet tonight as we continue our journeys separately. .   good bye rocky. kohl will be waiting to welcome you when you cross that rainbow bridge.


  1. So glad I could know him his whole life, too, even though he was a little brat with me. :)
    Loved you, tough guy... see you again someday.

    1. you are one of the few people who even got to see him.remember how he'd run when he heard the door bell?