Monday, May 28, 2012

freewrite # 12 /a long one on Letters.

one third of my clutter consists of letters folded in large cardboard boxes.  preserved.
the past made holy.
most of the letters are from barbara.  long winding words with multiple dates.  the letters multiplied with the years'
the addresses changed but not the love.

how did we have so much to say?  how did i ever write those fat letters when its agony now to freewrite for 20 minutes.

letters with stories we've half forgotten or only knew from one another's pages.

love letters tied with a ribbon-only mine aren't. they live in the same boxes...
the sensual letters of kenny with the green eyes; the ramblings of tony illustrated in pen and ink and often collaged.
dean's list letters and acceptance letters all nuzzle together;the years all random...1973 mixed with 1990.

the pen dries up. so do the words.  i've already said all i'll ever say.

boxes of the treasured letters line my hallway.  i open them sometimes and bathe in their love.
you have to miss someone a lot to write was work even in the 70's.

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