Saturday, May 19, 2012

freewrite number 4

barb and i have decided to do a 10 minute freewrite every day for a year.  for those of you who don't know, a freewrite is a kind of automatic writing, where you simply write, without thought to grammar, punctuation or content. this is an exercise in creativity, tho i have no idea how that actually works.
anyway, today's topic  is trees.

          looking out the window at treetops and rooftops of other people's homes.  green and leafy cliches against the landscape of chimney. green leaves bursting on the monotone scene .
          then there are the trees i've stood against or hugged or sat beneath like quentin's pepper tree in chula vista.
          trees are best in autumn; leaves of vermilion and burgundy; glorious in their dresses of color.

          trees old and strong, twisted with age, contorted; leaning over like old men  or young and budding like the tree we planted so many years ago, right beyond the french doors.  for privacy.  for the sweet green of leaves and the crooked, twisting bark.

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