Tuesday, February 17, 2009

pressing engagements

Its been kind of a blah period, creatively speaking. I'm having a hard time finding inspiration for the gallery show coming up in April. All those old issues of inferiority and inadequacy are alive and well no matter how much I try to sedate them.

Barb and I have spent a couple of nights working on little pressed flower notecards, which was fun. Hard to believe it's been thirty something years since we first took a class in pressing flowers. Almost as long ago, judy collins was singing "who knows where the time goes?" I, for one, still don't know.
Above are some pictures of our cards.

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  1. I love these cards and I love flowers, for-get-me-nots are my favorites!
    THANK YOU FOR MY PRINT! sEWING rOOM arrived safely in CA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is in my studio!