Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

pressing engagements

Its been kind of a blah period, creatively speaking. I'm having a hard time finding inspiration for the gallery show coming up in April. All those old issues of inferiority and inadequacy are alive and well no matter how much I try to sedate them.

Barb and I have spent a couple of nights working on little pressed flower notecards, which was fun. Hard to believe it's been thirty something years since we first took a class in pressing flowers. Almost as long ago, judy collins was singing "who knows where the time goes?" I, for one, still don't know.
Above are some pictures of our cards.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

the envelope please

and the winner is: number 5 peggy gatto !! peggy wins the 8x 1o "sewing room" print. thanks to all who participated. its been a pleasue to be included in this years one world-one heart giveaway. Peggy, send your info . i hope you'll like the print.

expresso woes

Awake in the middle of the night. I guess that last expresso wasn't such a good idea. I decided to get up instead of tossing and turning and annoying the cats.

Remember the disappointment you felt when Cracker Jack started giving crummy prizes? Its been that kind of day. Not life shattering stuff, but a drag.

I spent several days emailing with someone supposedly interested in buying a painting. It would have been a substantial sale, and since that happens soooo infrequently I was skeptical. As it turned out, this time it wasn't just my insecure paranoia...the offer was a scam.

It could have been worse, I could have actually fallen for it and hurt more than just my ego. Pretty low to try to scam a starving artist. I can't imagine it being too lucrative. Just how bad is the economy?

Monday, February 2, 2009

February and i begin, in earnest, to plan for the April exhibit. ive been nagging everyone i know for suggestions about possible titles. "interior landscapes" ? "visceral images"? "spring vortex"? "under Current Works"? "interiorescapes" ? "Visceral Meanderings"??None of them really work but we've had some laughs arranging and rearranging the combinations of words.

I can't really decide on a title until i've selected all the pieces. there are 8 large abstract painting which i'll probably include. extracting a central theme from these painting hasn't occurred yet. i'm in a quandary wondering if i should show off my (ha!) virtuosity and include paintings, watercolors,assemblages, batiks, etc or present something more unified.
i imagine i'll be struggling with this for awhile,but for now, i can't think anymore.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

brick wall

After January's unusual burst of energy I'm feeling like I walked smack into a brick wall. what happened here??? I felt like I was actually getting some things done...well, not done,really, but started which is always pretty hard for me. Now I seam to be back to my real self, which is more about thinking than doing.

So, I'm sitting here with my empty brain..putting down one word after another,not knowing where this will lead; just knowing any movement is better than none at all.

Anyway, here is a batik piece i did many years ago. Maybe this is the wall i walked into?