Thursday, July 5, 2012

free write 49/ coney island

one of my favorite subjects to paint, coney island fascinates me.   the big bold machinery of the rides intrigue me.  they are like the bones of prehistoric beasts rising above you, then swinging and sweeping your body down mountainous hills and curves that make you lean first to one side and then the other.

i should stick to painting.

every generation thinks that their coney island was the best. back to dreamland, luna park, steeplechase, astroland.The ornate carvings of merry go round figures and the steeplechase horses that rode independently arriving at the finish line.

coney island, where the garrish and the freakish and the sensational meet.

i had my first crush in coney island.  bryant wallman of the tilt a whirl.  he flirted with me and gave me free rides.
I must've road the tilt a whirl a hundred times that summer.

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