Wednesday, July 25, 2012

free write #69/ hospitals

good places to stay away from, hospitals.  i spent some time in one recently and tho i have to say it was not the hell hole i remembered, i was glad to get out of there.
my first job out of college was in a hospital.  its was in the materials department, way in the bowels of the building.  it was far from any patients so it never felt like working in a hospital , so much as working in a warehouse.
my mother spent most of her life is hospitals...working as a nurse for over forty years; later as a patient herself.  When she was dieing i fought like hell to be able to bring her home so her last days would be in her own home.  it seemed the right thing to do at the time.  it's what i would have wanted, if it was me.  in hindsight, she may have preferred her last days at the hospital since she was so familiar with it.
i'm scared of hospitals and all the drama they hold in their walls.

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