Tuesday, July 31, 2012

free write # 75/ airports

i used to really like airports when i was a young girl.  i found it neat to get someone to drive out to the airport and just watch the planes coming and going.  i liked wondering about all the people and what their stories were all about.

then later, as an adult, i started traveling in planes and airports weren't so romantic anymore.  there was lost luggage and missed connections and that over night stay at o'hare.  i was leaving home for the first time...going off to be a married woman.  it was gut wrenching saying good bye to my mother. it was one of the hardest things for me emotionally, but a rite of passage i suppose.

since then airports have become associated with big drama for me.  i was always leaving, it seamed.

lindberg field, the airport in san diego.  i always cried when i arrived there even when i was happy to be going home.

i think airports have changed a lot since 911.  i haven't been flying since then.

can't things of what else to say about airports except to mention over priced food and bad coffee.

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