Tuesday, August 7, 2012

free write #82/Paper

i love paper! one of the greatest sights is a clean white sheet of paper.  You can imagine anything and everything woven in its fibers.
i love all kinda of paper; fine art papers...watercolor, 300 lb. rough, my favorite to work on  full sized sheets, maybe 23 x 32.  i did my nudes on aquarelle....or maybe it was luna.
notebook paper, as familiar as crayons
writing paper, i loved the sheer sheets...oh the soulful letter i wrote once upon a time..
wrapping paper for a wonderful present or a collage,
waxed paper to batik on,
handmade paper which i've never made, but want to.

both paintings on 300 lb/cold pressed watercolor paper.  top piece features a technique called "paste paper"

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