Thursday, August 16, 2012

free write # 91/ Wrinkles

There's an old joke about it being wonderful that wrinkles don't hurt.  Some days i completely understand that sentiment and am immensely grateful for that fact.

I like wrinkles, actually tho i admit i like them more on other people.There's nothing like laugh lines etched into the skin, proof that one has learned to laugh at life .

As an artist I find wrinkles quite interesting visually.  An old face , or a crumpled piece of fabric, both are more interesting with wrinkles.

I guess its that way with Life's wrinkles too.  that put a wrinkle in our plans...

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  1. Evie, it's me, Joan. I have a new Gmail address/stolen password on previous and I couldn't retrieve it. Please call me. I know this is not an appropriate use of the blog but I didn't know what else to do.