Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dolls and toys/freewrite # 28

one of my favorite toys were Colorforms...shiny plastic pieces that stuck to a shiny black board.  Many hours spent with that one.
i had a lot of dolls as a child...betsey wetsy, chatty kathy, thumbalina, raggedy ann and andy, patty playpal...a life sized doll...a must for an only child.
my last doll was barbie and i remember my mom sewing doll clothes from tiny scraps of fabric.  The store bought outfits were wonderful, too.  they came with, a hat, a handbag.
another favorite toy was a metal gas station with a working lift and a ramp for little cars.  i was very young.
there was a ballerina doll the Christmas i was so sick.  She was jointed at the elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. dressed in an embellished leotard, her tu-tu was a soft pink as were the satin slippers.  You could pose her in all five positions.
Silly Putty, Play Dough, coloring books and drawing sets,construction paper and paste and scissors,crepe paper, chalk and blackboard, etch a sketch!!.
to this day a 64 count box of crayolas makes me smile.

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