Wednesday, June 20, 2012

free write#34/beatles

One of the high points of my life was seeing the Beatles in person.   The first time was at the Steele Pier in Atlantic City (or was it Asbury Park?  i don't remember).i was 12.  Later on i saw them twice at Shea Stadium.

As a kid ringo was my favorite.  Later,of course, it was Lennon.

I grew up along with the Beatles.  Their music changed while i was changing.  i remember getting my first beatles album from my mom.  i played it over and over again.  i did the same with each new album.

Heard a kid on 86th street the other day saying to his friends. "i'll listen to anything but the Beatles"  silly kid.  he doesn't know what he's missing.

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  1. If you saw The Beatles in Atlantic City, it was in 1964 at Convention Hall on the boardwalk & remember it as Steel Pier. As I understand the story, they had originally been booked at Steel Pier, but had become far too popular an act for the small venue (I saw many shows on the Steel Pier). The Beatles went into Convention Hall right after the '64 Democratic Convention. I was at my grandmother's in AC for the Convention. Begged with my parents to let me stay down for The Beatles; even if I couldn't score a ticket (& I believed I could), the scene would be insane. But they thought I spent too much time down there anyway. I went to AC on Christmas break, Easter break, for the week after school ended, & in August.