Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hair/ free write number 39

i always dreamed of having magazine hair.
i've been having a bad hair day since sometime in the 60's.
never had pantene commercial hair...long, thick, shiny with tons of body.
my own was almost always stringy and frizzed at the edges.

"look at that hair" my mother said when i'd traveled 3,000 miles to visit her.
imagine how bad my hair must've looked for those to be her first words.

i remember her twisting my hair into tight pincurls as a kid.  Later i rolled it on
soup cans to straighten it.

there's just not that much to say about hair.

1 comment:

  1. I used to use juice cans...orange. Wanted the big pouf, and I had straight hair. Do you remember spoolies? How about those pink and brown rubber curlers that had a tie ...left ridges in my hair. I always have been and still am very particular about my hair..color, cut, highlights etc. It is my fetish.