Tuesday, June 19, 2012

free write #33/ merry go rounds

i mostly remember the huge merry go round at steeplechase park with its camels and ostriches and lamas too, i think  i don't think any of horses were actually horses, but i'm not sure. there were those huge carriages you could sit in and watch the animal figures go up and down in a circle.  some were stationary.  huge, ornately carved pieces.  amazing craftsmanship i realized years later.
i would ride and ride reaching for those rings.  i don't think i ever got the gold.

my life sometimes was like a merry go round.
circling endlessly, going up and down and getting nowhere.
just along for the ride...without even the gold ring to try for.

the best part of riding the merry go round was jumping off while it was still spinning.

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