Friday, October 19, 2012

no.154-157/gypsies,twilight,friendship,pink bubble

(We decided to do something a little different this time. we tried to write a story consisting of these 4 subjects).

154.  the old gypsies danced in the twilight.  their rainbow colored skirts swayed as they lifted their tambourines.  they had been friends a long time and their movements were perfectly in sync.  A pink bubble of light shimmered in the early evening sky.

When the music ended the two women headed for the refreshment table where they quenched their thirst with lemonade or beer, or whatever drink it is that old gypsies favor.

Afterwards they returned to their tent with the large palm painted on the entrance.  inside the tent were carpets and cushions and a table with two chairs.  the thick smokey fragrance of incense filled the space.

One woman sat at the table while the other lowered herself to the cushions on the floor.  Then they waited.
A few minutes passed and the old gypsies were quiet together.  they had spent so much time in one another's company that they didn't need to talk.  They heard a young voice at the entrance of the tent. 

"knock knock" the voice said, giggling nervously.

The gypsy ladies welcomed them ; two young girls, about 20, they appeared.

Outside the twilight had faded. The ladies chatted.. the gypsy ladies held the girls palms in their wrinkled hands and read about romance and fortune. before the girls left, the gypsies told them.

"there is a long journey in your hands.  You will eat much salt and much sweetness, too"

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